Stucco has been used for centuries, coming in different forms. Originally, stucco was composed of lime, sand and water, creating a plaster substance. The use of stucco style plasters dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Over many years various cultures added there own additions to the recipe for such cement mixtures. The present day North American stucco consists of a mixture of Portland cement.

The Stucco Advantage/

Stucco has many uses in modern day construction projects. The nature of the mixing process involved in the production of stucco allows for the integration of vast colour texture choices. Stucco is a hard and durable material while maintaining a uniquely desirable look, which is second to none. The nature of stucco allows its application in various shapes, forms and mediums. The resulting popularity of the stucco mixture resulted in the creation of numerous wall systems which use stucco as a base.

Our Stucco Solution/

S & R Stucco specializes in the installation of professional stucco wall systems. We employ our talents on both commercial and residential projects and take pride in our superior detailing ability. Our wall system of choice is the Dryvit stucco system. This is a tried and time tested product, designed for durability and an excellent aesthetic experience. You can count on S & R Stucco to put the “pro” in your project.

Bay Window Stucco Treatments/

Old bay windows cause numerous problems for highrise buildings. Moisture seeps into the building and the insulating potential of the joints on these windows is very poor. To solve this problem S & R Stucco developed a tried and tested system of Bay Window Stucco Treatments. S & R Stucco has brought the effectiveness of stucco to bay windows. You will see increased lifetime, water protection and improved energy savings.

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At S & R Stucco we provide an extensive range of stucco detailing options. We look forward to helping you realize the full potential of your project.

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If you’re looking for a professionally installed stucco solution, look no further. S&R Stucco is a premiere stucco applicator. Just look to the forefront of development in the London area to see our stucco teams leading the way.